Clue Hunter Mod APK 1.2.9 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 18/11/2023
Clue Hunter Mod APK 1.2.9 (Unlimited Money)
Name Clue Hunter
Latest Version v1.2.9
File capacity 52MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.4
Category Puzzle
Price Free at GenZVNmod
Link to get it on
Google Play
Developers Lion Studios


Clue Hunter Mod is a puzzle game built on investigative gameplay. Create opportunities for those who love the detective profession to satisfy their passion. Of course, that will not be easy when the game requires a lot of attention to detail. Join the player will have to perform a lot of different tasks. Requested by customers to be resolved. It’s not easy, but it won’t be too difficult when it all boils down to a few basic situations. The game simply wants to create an interesting game for players to have hours of entertainment. Confirm done then try to find the remaining clues. There will always be loopholes in the way the crime is committed, no matter how careful it is. Then sum it all up to be able to solve the problem for the client

Download Clue Hunter Mod – Find The Answer To All Puzzles To Solve All Cases

You think of puzzles in the form of dry text. Made up of situations how it would be. Clue Hunter Mod is the game with such gameplay. When the questions here are many, all require the player to find the answer. But will be designed by the developer into different cases. In it, players will have the opportunity to become a detective. Carrying the task of investigation, with the goal of solving all requests. To help customers find the truth. At the same time, remove unnecessary doubts. Of course, there are hints, but to complete it, it is still up to the player. As the person who can directly see the scene of the crime. Either way, there are loopholes as well as leaving some traces at the scene. If you look closely, you will surely find the answer.Tai Clue Hunter Mod

Addictive Gameplay

By joining Clue Hunter Mod most players will not have to manipulate too much. But simply press one or two times for each challenge and you’re done. Extremely easy to get to know how to play. When the game builds according to the selected gameplay. With the content are puzzles designed and built into many situations. It’s not too strange, it all revolves around things that can happen in everyday life. And players will be invited to those places to find out the truth. Help tenants solve their problems. With suggestions that will be available on the screen, there are two options. The opportunity is huge, and the 50/50 ratio adds to the earning clues. See which one is correct, just touch.Clue Hunter Mod

Interesting Facts

The puzzles in Clue Hunter Mod are designed to be extremely interesting. When it is built into cases, it is intended to give players the opportunity to try their hand at investigation. The game isn’t just simple with trivial burglaries. That is only a very small part of the whole content. There’s much more to it than that. First of all, there is the issue of finding feelings, with a lot of tasks being asked to investigate adultery. Not only that, but the most outstanding thing is that the game also creates situations with sci-fi elements. When having to solve problems created by people with superpowers.Download Clue Hunter Mod

Simple Graphic Design

Clue Hunter Mod is designed with quite simple graphics. When everything revolves around puzzles. Therefore, there are not too many built-in effects. Simply stand-alone images. Created in the form of a cartoon with a bit of a lovely funny element. As for precision, there is no such thing, all in the form of 2D paintings. But that is the special point that the developer is aiming for. When it is suitable for all ages. Especially for children, can try to increase their thinking ability. A lot of games these days have elements of violence, but this game is not like that. There is absolutely no bad factor that affects the player.Game Clue Hunter Mod

The most typical feature for Clue Hunter Mod is the unlimited money mod. When it will bring people a huge fortune from the moment they entered the game. While doing nothing, saves a lot of energy. You can freely use it to shop as well as unlock the necessary things. Will definitely help a lot. When the goal of the player performing the puzzle is not merely in completing the task. The main purpose is income, accumulating some money. When the game has a few things, if you want to own and use it, you need to pay a price.

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