Construction Set Mod APK 1.4.22 (Unlimited Money, Bonus)

By MinhDuc - New update 24/12/2023
Construction Set Mod APK 1.4.22 (Unlimited Money, Bonus)
Name Construction Set
Version v1.4.22
Size 151MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Bonus
Support Android 5.0
Category Puzzle
Price Free
Developers SayGames Ltd


Assembling lego is quite popular with many people, not only children but also adults. Because there are so many things you can create. Construction Set Mod will give you the most accurate view of what can be done. When the game is designed with countless different levels. Accordingly, there are questions or tasks that require players to perform. Of course, it only revolves around solving puzzles, building works according to the given topics. A game created with the desire to enhance creativity. When the parts are said to be just very small elements for the whole big project. Any chance to complete the task completely depends on the player’s thinking. When the game has a purpose, it is created to stimulate creativity.

Download Construction Set Mod – Smart Thinking To Accomplish All Assigned Tasks

You are tired of action games, but still want to find entertainment. Construction Set Mod is a great choice to relieve stress in your free time. The game is built according to the puzzle genre, but not really. When asking players to puzzle with countless different gates. The creative element is also a part of the game. Participating in the challenge will have topics given. Requirements from the details, small pieces to be able to create a work in accordance with the image given. Do not think that it will be simple, can only complete the finished product when everything is done according to the correct process. With large sizes, it is even more difficult, as the number of parts required is also increased accordingly. But that’s also good, players can practice their thinking ability.Download Construction Set Mod

Easy Ways To Play

Construction Set Mod does not look like it requires extremely high work. The way to play is completely opposite and can be easily familiarized and grasped. Even if you are a newcomer to the game, participating in the experience is not difficult. When participating in the challenge everything is pre-built including many supporting tools. With different little details and pieces. As well as instructions as well as actual illustrations. Only worry about thinking because the game requires a lot of thinking. The difficulty cannot be underestimated with increasingly sophisticated models. As for grafting, simply select, and drag to the place you want to release and it will be attached automatically. Almost every player has nothing to do too much.Construction Set Mod

Training Thinking Ability

Join the Construction Set Mod only when the player is constantly thinking to be able to complete the task. Due to the challenge the game is created extremely difficult. With extremely large models, just looking at the outside, it is possible to assess the level of sophistication. All are not monolithic but built from many different details. In which the assembly is not simple, and requires a certain process. If the lid is miscellaneous, it is completely normal to have to remove it and redo it. Players need to have a picture in their heads. To see what pieces of the puzzle each place on the model is made of. From there, build the right direction. Make a lot of small parts first and then start perfectingTai Construction Set Mod

Dozens of Assemblies

The most important content forming the Construction Set Mod is the assembly. Here the game builds with dozens of sets for players to try. Of course, it’s easy to have, not difficult to lack. Must be mentioned as the set of the goddess of liberty or ancient Rome. Crafted in an extremely large size, talking about the details is countless to count all do not know how much time it takes. There are many similar parts that are difficult to identify. In return, the police department, the boat on the sea seems much simpler. Due to its rather small shape. But no matter what, it all has to be done. If you have a problem, don’t give up.Game Construction Set Mod

Game Construction Set Mod is not the original version but has been refreshed. There are some additional special features for the purpose of supporting players. In it must mention the first unlimited money mod. Facilitate shopping, when you can shop comfortably. Ready to buy everything? When the balance in the account will always be at the highest level, no matter what you do, it will not fluctuate. And the second one is a bonus, players can get too special items. While there is no need to complete the assigned task. Alleviate the pressure when experiencing for players.

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