Escape Masters Mod APK 1.5.15-33-sdk (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 15/11/2023
Escape Masters Mod APK 1.5.15-33-sdk (Unlimited Money)
Name Escape Masters
Version v1.5.15-33-sdk
Size 94MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.0
Category Puzzle
Price Free


Escape Masters Mod is rated as the best game of the year. Along with puzzles inspired by the prison escape theme. When participating in the game, you will play as a prisoner trying to escape from prison. By digging tunnels in the ground. This job is easy. Just touch the screen and swipe to destroy the rocks. Cross different terrains and find many interesting things along the way. There are quite a few other prisoners waiting to be rescued. Try to save as many people as possible and collect various loot. Your goal is not only to escape but also to take valuables with you. To build a secret mansion in the suburbs. Show strategy to win this game.

Download Escape Masters Mod – Simple But Quite Attractive Puzzle Game

Escape Masters Mod is suitable for those who are looking for new gameplay. Because, it comes with beautiful picture quality, fun music, and an idle game mode. But in it, there are hundreds of levels. Includes different puzzles to play with every day. So, just download it and you will have a whole world of entertainment on your phone. About the plot, this game is based on a famous movie about prison. In particular, it uses the theme of a prison break, a theme often seen in popular movies. Join the game, you will be one of the funniest prisoners. Always wished to go out and build a big mansion to enjoy old age. But this is the biggest challenge in life.Escape Masters Mod

Escape in your own way

The escape from Escape Masters Mod will progress depending on the level. At each level, the aim is to escape from the prison. Board the truck of companions waiting at the end of the road. For this, the only one is to dig tunnels in the ground. You start in your prison. Will slide the screen in different directions to destroy the rock layer. Move until you find the exit. The game seems very simple and intellectually stimulating. But if you do it yourself, you will find things a lot more difficult. There are dozens of obstacles in the way, including large walls, stairs, buildings, rocks…game Escape Masters Mod

So it takes a smart strategy to pass Escape Masters Mod. Not just control going in a straight line. You have to find the fastest way out of prison. In addition, many tools can be used along the way. It is also possible to use items to pave the way. Like a bomb, an escalator with a group of prisoners. Then will find other prisoners on the way. Try to wake them up to join the escape group. With more people, there will be more power to dig faster. It’s your chance to go far in this crazy prison escape journey.

Villa construction

Escape Masters Mod offers exciting gameplay. After the prison escape, you can build a city to rest. Through each round of prison escape, you will be taken to an open field. This is where a village will be built. Originally there was only a small house and a warehouse. But you can build many new structures like skyscrapers, pools, and decorations… With flowers, trees, and more. To do this, must collect loot during the prison break. It’s gold coins, gems, rings, bracelets… They can be sold for a large sum of money. Buy the necessary supplies to build a world of your Escape Masters Mod

Unlock new skins and backgrounds

As you level up, you can unlock the unique skins of the Escape Masters Mod. From prisoners to cars. The game includes models such as cars, pickup trucks, sports cars… Try to escape successfully to unlock the reward chests. For a chance to unlock cars with new skins. In addition, the context of the game changes through the levels. The background color is themed and gives you a new look. The context in each level is different, so the challenge will not be repeated.tai Escape Masters Mod

Escape Masters Mod brings in the prison escape theme close to the player. The diverse context brings a friendly feeling to the player. Are you ready to escape from the prison-like in the movie? Show your strategy and intelligence. By digging tunnels to escape. Don’t forget to bring other prisoners and valuable loot. There are many other mysteries waiting for you to discover. Come join us now.

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