Match Masters MOD 4.715 (Unlimited Money, Full Coins, Boosters)

By MinhDuc - New update 23/03/2024
Match Masters MOD {{version}} (Unlimited Money, Full Coins, Boosters)
Name Match Masters
Version v4.715
Size 86MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Full Coins, Boosters
Support Android 5.0
Category Puzzle
Price Free
Developers Candivore


Are you confident that you are a smart person? Let’s check that with Match Masters. The game offers an online intellectual training playground for everyone. A place to show all your skills and tricks to win the highest position. Instead of being alone in the room playing match-3 as usual. Now, you can compete with the whole world, as long as they are also passionate and participate in this game. Currently the game can be downloaded on both Android and iOS operating systems, especially completely free.

Download Match Masters Mod – Online match-3 brain game

Tired of games like Candy Crush or Hero Saga. Then the Match Masters is like a new breeze blowing into you, giving you a new exciting feeling. Although it is a match-3 game like many previous games did. It is worth mentioning and interesting here that the game has new principles, which change your way of thinking and solving puzzles. In my opinion, this is a relatively perfect game and suitable for match-3 enthusiasts. One small downside of this game is that you have to make sure your “Cricket” is connected to the internet. It is inevitable that you can join many different people. The rest you just need a few basic operations, surfing to be able to join the game and experience.

Dowload Match Masters MOD APK

New way of playing

Match Masters Mod is not rigid in a certain framework. You are free to explore and develop your mind in a whole new way. The same destination but each player has different ways of solving. There are different game modes for you to choose from. Tournaments mode: allows up to 8 participants and is divided into 4 groups. Team members compete against each other to find the winner. Just like that we will find the winner out of 8 people. The simplest game mode you can try 1 vs 1 mode. Wait a few seconds to find an opponent to fight you. The two will enter into dramatic competitions. Each player in turn has a turn to earn points. At the end of 4 rounds whoever has more points will be the winner and get the reward. Too great is not it.

Game Match Masters MOD APK

Discover the puzzle talent in you

If you are already a person with good puzzle skills, you can destroy them in any mode. Make the most of the turns to bring back as many points as possible. The fight in game Match Masters is always balanced and the number of turns is the same. Now it’s really “winning or losing in skill”. Watch out for items with more than 3 or items that can generate extra points later. If you pair well, many combos will automatically appear and bring you many points. In one turn each player will have the right to use a booster. Use it wisely. Put in the right place, in the right place and especially at the right time. It will bring you a lot of points. Instead of just matching 3 simple items close together. Then think about the location of the booster. Believe me, if you put it in the right position, the number of points collected will not disappoint you.

Tải Match Masters MOD APK

Collect attractive rewards

One hundred public coins is not equal to one bonus coin. With that mentality, the Candivore publisher has created attractive spiritual gifts. It is a huge motivation for participants to play Match Masters Mod. There are 15 different types of Booters, Mixers or Outfits all waiting for you. In addition to those rewards, you also get promotion points if you win the tournament. When your ranking is at the top of the online achievement list. No more eyes of disdain but now eyes of admiration when they look at you. It’s understandable that you won’t be rewarded automatically. Let’s try to win.

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Delightful Graphics, Vivid Sound

Game Match Masters attracts players not only because of the gameplay but partly because of the graphics and sound. With pleasant bright colors attract the viewer. Items with various shapes such as round, star triangle and square. Although the basic shapes are familiar, when combined with colors, they create a new look. Besides the scoring effect, the booster is lively. Accompanying that is not to mention the playful sound that catches the listener’s ear. Although Match Masters was born not long ago, it has already had millions of downloads, with extremely positive reviews from the gaming community. Games help relieve stress after work, but still develop thinking in a simple and unrestricted way. If it’s too difficult to collect gold coins and boosters, download the MOD version now to experience.

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