Mini World: CREATA MOD 1.7.8 (Menu, Unlimited money gems, unlock skin, items)

By MinhDuc - New update 14/05/2024
Mini World: CREATA MOD {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited money gems, unlock skin, items)
Name Mini World: CREATA
Version v1.7.8
Size 50MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money gems, unlock skin, items
Support Android 4.4
Category Adventure
Price Free
Developers SuperNice


Mini World: CREATA is a game that is no longer strange to young people today, a creative adventure game. So that you can fulfill your dream of building and developing the city according to your own wishes. Publisher SuperNice has developed a game with sharp 3D graphics and vivid sound. Bringing players the most authentic and relaxing experience when participating in the game. Along with the development of phone lines, Mini World is also optimized on both iOS and Android platforms. Helping players to experience and create completely free. The operations in the game Mini World are also quite basic. With a cluster of buttons to control movement on the left and a collection of weapons on the right. Each time you successfully destroy a monster, you will accumulate experience points and valuable loot. These valuable loot are also a form of resource for later construction work.

Download Mini World: CREATA Mod – Realize Endless Creative Dreams

Mini World has no levels or limits for players. You can do everything you want, the rules, the perspective and the game are only yours. An endless world is waiting for you to explore and create. Build a small house, a castle or own a large city. Build a farm to grow crops and raise livestock, as a reserve energy source for yourself. It is entirely possible because everything is always within your reach. Enjoy the life of a real farmer, do jobs that increase production and design the farm. At this point, I find it quite similar to another very legendary simulation game, Minecraft PE Mod. You can also download and experience Minecraft PE Mod for free here.

Mini World CREATA Mod APK

The game modes are all attractive

Help players have interesting experiences and to increase the attractiveness of the game. The founder created different game modes. Includes: survival mode, creative mode; with ideas and multiplayer mode. Each other mode will have its own distinct characteristics and different attractions. When playing game Mini World: CREATA in survival mode you will have to find resources, build a place to live in your own style. At the same time, constantly making tools to fight for survival. In this mode, you can be killed by monsters or ferocious black dragons.

So you have to create your own weapons to defend. Destroy hordes of monsters that intend to attack your character. Very different from the original mode, the creative mode has quite similar gameplay to Minecraft. Your inventory will be like Doraemon’s magic bag. Every time you want to use it, just open it, choose what you want and build. Each type of block will have different roles. Find out and fully exploit the advantages of those blocks. Unleash all functions and create what you want. There is no template or any standards, all works are your own creation. Create your own unique home and only you.

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Make friends in Mini World Mod

For a different feeling when playing ver Mini World: CREATA, you can switch to multiplayer mode. You can join parties filled with laughter and your own colors. In multiplayer mode, an extremely attractive advantage is that you can build buildings in a very short time. Let’s form a team together to destroy all the big and fierce monsters. After each mission you will receive a well-deserved reward for your achievements. A special feature is that this mode is like a social network that allows players to make friends, talk through messages or even flirt with each other.

Free Download Mini World CREATA APK for Android

Shopping in game Mini World: CREATA

To answer the question of what a lot of money is for, here is the answer. When entering the shops of Mini World, you will be overwhelmed with unique and splendid costumes. Especially when those skins are put on, your character will stand out from the crowd. In addition, players can raise a pet with a unique shape. And it will help you in your journey of building and growing. However, everything will be satisfied with the unlimited money feature. Then you just need to buy everything and experience.

Free Download Mini World CREATA APK

Graphic and sound design

Bring a unique style, unique construction gameplay, and interesting design. Version Mini World: CREATA with unique 3D graphic design but still bold classic. Not with multi-block images, the game is designed and developed in the form of square blocks. You will feel the unique and different. Although they are square blocks, besides that, there are diverse colors. Character creation is built in a funny and cute way. Gives you a fresh and attractive feeling. In addition to the images, to create the unique fun of the game is the lively and joyful sound. Helps players feel relaxed along with the excitement of playing. Currently, the game Mini World: CREATA supports 14 different languages. So people will easily access it without language difficulties.

HOT feature in the Mini World

  • Huge Sandbox World, explore a vast sandbox world with a variety of monsters and materials.
  • Single player and multiplayer.
  • Start a new world in your own way. Share your game with other players. Or join other players from around the world in their game.
  • Game Modes: Survival Mode, Creative Mode or mini games created by other players.
  • There are different types of mini games, from parkour, puzzles, to FPS, strategy, etc.
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