Monsters War: Epic TD Strategy Mod APK 1.8.4 (Unlimited Money, Spins)

By MinhDuc - Latest update: 02/10/2023
Monsters War: Epic TD Strategy Mod APK 1.8.4 (Unlimited Money, Spins)
Name Monsters War: Epic TD Strategy
Version 1.8.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Spins
Size 71MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Strategy
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher DIVMOB


If you are looking for a simple tower defense game. Then Monsters War Mod will be the choice not to be missed. Designed by the publisher with strategic idle defense gameplay. The manipulations have now been reduced a lot. No more exploring a long history. Instead, it is possible to play and relax at the same time, by clicking on the screen. But here the strategic element is emphasized. Because it’s just the best that helps to win the game. The mission here is to collect the strongest monster cards to summon them on the battlefield. Your legion must destroy the enemy’s castle. To get the loot you deserve. There are hundreds of such wars. Get ready to explore with us now.

Download Monsters War Mod – Simple Strategic Tower Defense Game

The famous defense game is significantly shortened in Monsters War Mod. But it still captures the unique appeal of this genre. Join the game, and become the commander of the army of monsters. You will engage in a long battle to defend your fortress. Also, raid other cities when there is a chance to level up. This battle spans hundreds of levels with continuous development. The more powerful you become, the more and more terrifying the enemies will become. So don’t think about the easy battles here. Although the gameplay is simple, it will be impossible to ignore the extremely difficult challenges.Monsters War Mod

Recruit the monster

The main character in Monsters War Mod is an army of monsters. They are the elite warriors in every defense war. The monster system is divided into many different systems. Typically archers, magicians, warriors, warriors… Each system will have many monsters with unique looks and abilities. It is necessary to know each warrior well if you want to take full advantage of them. Also need to find a way to combine monsters. They can be combined with each other in the formation to create impressive defensive power. To unlock monsters, it is necessary to spend gold, the most common currency in this. At the same time, think about the strategy to apply it effectively.Monsters War Mod

Each Monsters War Mod warrior has its own stats. Like hp, damage, and crit rate. It is possible to raise the level of heroes to improve these stats. The rarer the monster, the more stats, and abilities it has. However, the chances of getting a monster card are pretty slim. If you want to unlock them, you must spend a certain amount of diamonds. If you don’t want to spend diamonds, wait for the reward chests. They appear randomly after some of your battles. With rare and powerful warrior cards, it is possible to conquer the entire battlefield. But need to upgrade regularly because the enemy will progress continuously with each level.

Join the fight

Monsters War Mod brings a story mode for players to experience. Because it is unique, it should be focused on and invested in. The mode includes many different chapters. They follow each other according to the progression of the level. In each level, your task is to defeat your opponent and destroy his fortress. To do this, it is necessary to recruit an army of monsters. With the number of monster cards displayed directly on the screen. Just click on the cards to summon the respective warriors. However, each card type needs a certain amount of time to recover. Therefore, the summoning time should be adjusted accordingly. Summoned warriors will automatically attack the target. Your job now is just to watch and enjoy the battle.Game Monsters War Mod

Classic graphic design

Monsters War Mod is a tower defense game. Designed on a classic 2D background. But it also delivers fairly sharp and idyllic images. The most special is the monster system with more than 20 different species. Each warrior possesses a creative appearance and skills. Making new and diversity in the monster system. Besides, the battlefield context is equally diverse. You can fight in a forest, frozen land, desert… Enjoy the beauty of each location on the map.Download Monsters War Mod

In short, Monsters War Mod is a game worth experiencing even once. The gameplay is new but no less attractive. The most fascinating warriors are waiting to discover and conquer them. This game will make you fall in love with its exciting strategy element. Test your wits in boss battles. What are you waiting for without showing the courage to rule the whole monster world?

Download Monsters War: Epic TD Strategy MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Spins) 2023

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