Pull the Pin Mod APK 201.0.1 (Unlocked Skins)

By MinhDuc - New update 05/01/2024
Pull the Pin Mod APK 201.0.1 (Unlocked Skins)
Name Pull the Pin
Version v201.0.1
Size 114MB
MOD Features Unlocked Skins
Support Android 5.1
Category Puzzle
Price Free
Developers Popcore Games


Pull the Pin Mod is a logic puzzle game with hundreds of different levels. Here you will find a relaxing time that is both enjoyable and rewarding. Because this game is not only for entertainment but also to practice many other skills. Its puzzle levels are very beneficial for the brain and help to improve concentration and logic. In addition, the game will stimulate your excitement when passing hundreds of easy to difficult levels. Simple but to master you need to practice regularly. You even need a little cheat to win this game. With simple puzzle gameplay, with sharp graphics. Create a game that attracts you at first sight.

Download Pull the Pin Mod – Remove the pegs to collect all the balls

Have you ever played puzzle games? This puzzle mechanic has become a worldwide trend. Pull the Pin Mod is one of the hottest names in this trend. It reached more than 100 million installs and attracted millions of fans. This is due to its simple and addictive puzzle mechanics. There are hundreds of levels for players to experience. So it took weeks to conquer them all. If you are a new player, try the first few levels to understand the rules. Once mastered, the levels will become more difficult. Through the rounds, players will gain a lot of experience. From there you can apply them to the next levels.Pull the Pin Mod

Puzzles in your own way

Each level in Pull the Pin Mod is an extremely interesting task. Collect all the balls separated by columns. To do this, you have to remove the corresponding pins so that 100% of the available balls fall on one pin. The gameplay is very simple, but in fact, it also needs a bit of creative thinking from the player. You will have a lot of trouble removing the latch because there are many latches stuck in different positions. In particular, when withdrawing the latches, it should be noted. Collect all colored balls: On some levels, there are some colorless balls. You have to mix them with colored balls to collect all valid balls. Dodge bomb balls: If there are bombs in the puzzle, you must avoid them. If you pull the wrong pins, the bomb will explode and destroy your egg. Of course, there are many other rules that should be followed. Explore and understand each one.Ear Pull the Pin Mod

The challenge is getting harder

Pull the Pin Mod has hundreds of levels available from difficult to easy. With each new level, the difficulty will increase gradually. In the process of solving the puzzle, you will find various problems such as More pegs, and more bombs,… The position of the pegs, the ball, and the shape of the vase change randomly. In other words, no two levels are the same in this game. So you cannot apply exactly one way to do this. Remember the key points and create multiple quizzes for each level. If in big trouble, try boosters. It’s a brush that can help you change the color, the color of the balls, and more. Sometimes you have to use them to solve your puzzles. However, cannot be abused as they are not free. Points must be earned in each level to unlock boosters.Game Pull the Pin Mod

Unlock skins

Pull the Pin Mod can get boring if you keep the same gameplay through the levels. But if you know how to refresh the color system experience, there will be many new things here. In particular, it provides unique interfaces for changing balls and pegs. But each item can only be unlocked when the allowed level is reached. Of course, there should also be enough gold to unlock. Gold coins are not only used to buy but also to build. They have a large campus that needs updating from time to time. Build big buildings to get more profit.download Pull the Pin Mod

With the puzzle space that Pull the Pin Mod brings. Everything is designed to be very simple, yet easy to impress. The colored balls are guaranteed to make you unable to take your eyes off the screen. Not to mention the movement when falling from above, it’s really addictive. In addition, the fun music playing in the background will help you relax during the experience. Enjoy the puzzle levels. Here you have a chance to prove your logical talent. All you have to do is swipe the screen to win.

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