Rayman Adventures MOD APK 3.9.95 (Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds)

By MinhDuc - New update 03/11/2023
Rayman Adventures MOD APK 3.9.95 (Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds)
Name Rayman Adventures
Version v3.9.95
Size 436MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds
Support Android 4.1
Category Adventure
Price Free
Developers Ubisoft Entertainment


Rayman Adventures MOD APK opens a beautiful world and brings many magical and fairy elements. A game where you will immerse yourself in the atmosphere of adventure with the main character Rayman. Your mission is to find the eggs and bring them back safely before the Sacred tree runs out of life. In that journey, you also need to rescue your friends who are imprisoned. Then they will accompany you to the next steps. With things that seem simple but are not easy. In that dreamy world, there are countless deadly traps. With exciting adventure gameplay, the game promises to bring the best experiences.

Download Rayman Adventures Mod – Adventure in the magical forest with Rayman

Starting the game Rayman Adventures, one of the stolen eggs fell in your place. But it was rolling freely on the slope and you had to quickly chase it to catch it. Then the egg hatched into a creature called Vern. Vern will create a certain source of energy to help the fairy tree maintain life. But that is not enough and you will have to find all the lost eggs before the energy generated by Vern disappears. Vern will be your companion in the difficult and arduous journeys ahead. Conquer every challenge that the game creates, rescue other friends. And bring back the ancient eggs.

Download Rayman Adventures Mod

Attractive gameplay

The adventure in Rayman Adventures Mod is quite interesting. Same free play, no time limit to complete the mission. All with simple operations such as running, sliding, swimming, flying, or giant jumps. Keep moving forward for the ancient eggs and captive friends. And that’s not all, because life is not just that flat. There will always be evil people standing in your way. Attack them and destroy other obstacles with your kicks. At the end of each level, a big boss will appear. You will be involved in dramatic action sequences. It’s fighting the final boss Minotaurs, Bandits and many more monsters.

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Explore 7 special worlds with over 200 levels

Rayman Adventures game offers exciting timeless adventures and breathtaking visuals. You will discover 7 different special worlds with Rayman on a beautiful 2D visual background. All will be present in more than 200 different levels that you need to pass. The difficulty will increase every time you step into a new level. Along with the appearance of loggers that you need to destroy. In that shimmering beautiful world, there are always thorns and pitfalls that you need to be very wary of.

It is also indispensable for the inherent dangers of nature. For example, you are coming to the challenge of being inside a volcano. You will have to jump over rocks that are sinking into lava flows. Requires ingenuity with high accuracy, because with just one small mistake, you will disappear under red hot lava. The adventure will stop and you will have to conquer again from the beginning.

Game Rayman Adventures Mod

Unlock support eggs

Rayman Adventures Mod also pre-designed countless lovely characters for you to choose from. With a total of more than 55 characters, such as Rayman, Barbara, or Teensie. In addition, you can add other companions by unlocking Incrediball eggs. With a total of more than 320 unique and funny Incrediball species. And divided into 3 groups with special support abilities. Seekers: Are incrediballs with a talent for finding and leading the way. Inhalers: are incrediballs with supernatural powers about the environment, air, and respiration. Finally Protectors with the power to create shields, help protect people from damage. You can breed incrediballs and can create your own music with them in Beatbox mode.

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Rayman Adventures Mod perfectly combines adventure and role-playing games. Take you lost in the beautiful shimmering forest with exciting adventures. With the background of a fairy tale world with many miracles. 2D images but the characters and images are very unique, funny and poetic. It will definitely bring you great relaxing moments. And you should choose the free MOD version here. With full money hack feature, you can comfortably shop what you like in the shop. Unlock all the unique incrediballs with amazing abilities. Gives you the initial advantage to make the game experience more amazing. Stop review here, download the game and adventure with Rayman right away.

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