Save the Doge MOD (Unlimited Money, No Ads)

By MinhDuc - New update 22/03/2024
Save the Doge MOD {{version}} (Unlimited Money, No Ads)
Name Save the Doge
Version v1.0.9.6
Size 56MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, No Ads
Support Android 8.0
Category Puzzle
Price Free


Save the Doge Mod – a game created and developed under the investment of the big man MIRACLE GAME. With simple gameplay and the ability to develop attractive thinking. The game has attracted more than 10 million downloads in a very short time of launch. With hundreds of levels with the only task is to rescue the dog Doge from the evil bees. To do this, you need to show your talent and wisdom to the fullest. Try to win to be able to collect diamonds. More specifically, you will see Doge’s cheerful face. Currently, the game is released on both Android and iOS platforms. Don’t worry about the price because the game is completely free for you to experience

Download Save the Doge MOD – Rescue the dog with drawings

It’s not easy when it’s just released, but it has already attracted millions of plays and reviews. That shows a big attraction of Save the Doge. Hundreds of levels with increasing difficulty and will not be bored by the context. The game has a different setting for each level. Although the situation is similar, each person will have completely different drawings and solutions. Create diversity in the way of thinking puzzle game. All for the same purpose is to protect the dog Doge.

Download Save the Doge MOD

The gameplay is extremely simple, but difficult to overcome. You just need to draw strokes so that the bees do not hurt the dog. To draw a line you need to touch and hold the screen. The longer you hold, the thicker the line will be. However, being thick is not necessarily successful, you need to have good skills

A place to express your thinking and creativity

There are not many characters like the legendary game PUBG. Or there are no romantic European scenes like Truckers of europe 3. The context of Save the Doge Mod has only 4 “actors” including main and supporting. A dog with a super happy face. A swarm of vicious bees, the loophole is to burn your dog. Next is the terrain platform with different shapes such as land, grass, water, etc. An extra character that occupies all sportlight is the clock. There will be a countdown timer and it will be time for you to overcome the challenge

Tải Save the Doge MOD

How will you interact with them, how to deal with the bees. First, draw logical lines to create a defense for Doge. As soon as you release your hand, the bees will attack the protective barrier. If in 10 seconds the dog is safe then you are the winner. On the contrary, if the fence is not secure, the dog is bitten by a bee, you have failed. Try to win to be able to get the reward

Not just a game for entertainment

The skill of observing the surrounding landscape, the position of the dog as well as the position of the bees. Creative and responsive logic creates lines that protect the dog. No more an empty shuffle game just for fun. Save the Doge Mod is also a thinking game for players. A unique combination of entertainment but still intellectual enhancement. Comprehensive development of skills from observation, thinking and acumen

Unlock new skins

If you win after each match, you will receive up to 5 diamonds. Accumulate them, you can use them to unlock unique Skins. Dozens of different faces and expressions that you can unlock with diamonds. No special skills are promised. But promises you a feeling of excitement and attraction. So hunt for unique skins to refresh your puzzle experience

Game Save the Doge MOD

Bright pictures, cheerful sounds

After a long tiring day of work, Save the Doge game is a great choice for you. The graphics are simple but have a fun cartoon style. The images are simple but extremely close and familiar. With the dominant yellow color is extremely bright, the colorful colors help you feel comfortable. Along with the graphics is a series of lively, playful sounds that stimulate excitement when you participate in puzzles. Even more special is the series of effects of bees, dogs being burned extremely realistic. But still has extremely cute features

Hack Save the Doge MOD

Don’t hesitate to join Save the Doge Mod right away. This game will delight you with super funny puzzles. This is also an opportunity for you to show your wisdom in dealing with different situations. Apply wisdom to each line you draw on the screen. Your only goal is to help the lovely dog ​​avoid dangerous bees. Let’s join now

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