Download Chefy chef Mod APK 1.0.21 (Unlocked Mod) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 05/11/2023
Chefy chef Mod APK 1.0.21 (Unlocked Mod)
Name Chefy chef
Version v1.0.21
Size 17MB
MOD Features Unlock Mods
Support Android 7.1
Category Adventure
Price Free
Developers Crescent Moon Games


Chevy-chef Mod is a game with classic gameplay but added with other very new details for you to experience. You will become a chef on an adventurous journey to find the food in the refrigerator. Lost in the map with a large map area, you need to explore all the caves and alleys of the game to find the items again. Accompanied by special obstacles that you need to overcome. This journey is not easy for you to pass easily. With adventure gameplay very similar to the classic Mario game. But being transformed with special features that you can’t miss.

Download Chefy-chef Mod – Chef’s Adventure Journey

Chevy-chef Mod is a very easy game for you to experience entertainment every day. The gameplay is extremely simple with just a few navigation keys to move the character. There will only be keys for you to move forward, backward, and jump for your character. Use the jump key to be able to overcome the obstacles arranged on the map. Food items that were stored in the refrigerator are now lost in many different locations on the map. You will find them again and put them back inside the closet to be able to pass that level. The map here is very large, it will take quite a while for you to explore all of them at each level. There is no map for directions, you need to remember the places you have been to so that you do not get moved again.

Chefy-chef Mod

The Game Begins

Chevy-chef Mod is released for free on both Android and iOS operating systems. With extremely simple and easy gameplay so you can immediately adapt. The challenge here is the difficult levels made by the developer. When you first join, you will receive certain instructions to be able to get used to it as quickly as possible. The first tutorial levels will be very easy for you to pass quickly. After getting used to the game, real challenges will appear. Difficult levels with carefully hidden places. In addition to the time to find them again, you also need to be clever to not fall into the obstacles. Once committed you will lose a life, you will only have a certain amount of lives so be very careful.

Download Chefy-chef Mod

Various Items, Maps

Chevy-chef Mod has an extremely diverse map system from easy to difficult for you to experience. The later stages will be the real challenges that make you have to have certain patience. Surely you will encounter many failures in the journey to conquer these levels. But do not be discouraged, each failure will give you a lot of experience to be able to win. Items that are well hidden in the most difficult-to-find places are also very diverse. With a lot of simulated dishes in real life such as Milk, chicken thighs, bread… The number of items also increases with the difficulty of the game.

Chefy-chef Mod

Game Graphics

Chevy-chef Mod uses 2D graphics with a very special style that you cannot miss. Made with the inclination of an old retro game. The lines in the game are made in a very interesting way. Characters or other details in the map are made in a way that is not too clear. With the pixel, blocks were made quite large intentionally by the developer. A modern game but with a classic style is what has created the appeal of the game. The chef character that you control with frogs in the way has been done in a very cute way.

Game Chefy-chef Mod

You will get a very special feature when you join the Chefy-chef Mod version of the game. The unlock feature is created only in this special version. You will play the game in a much more fun way. There is no need to play gradually from the levels arranged in order. Now that all is unlocked, you can freely choose any screen. To be able to experience more impromptu. You don’t have to go through each level to get what you want. This special feature will only be available in this version of the game, the original title will not be available.

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