Cooking Craze Mod APK 1.94.1 (Menu, Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 12/12/2023
Cooking Craze Mod APK 1.94.1 (Menu, Unlimited Money)
Name Cooking Craze: Restaurant Game
Version v1.94.1
Size 128MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.4
Category Arcade
Price Free
Developers Big Fish Games


You are a person who loves to cook but due to conditions, you cannot do it. Cooking Craze will make that wish come true. The game was created and developed by the Big Fish Games team. With a single purpose in mind. Make everyone have an authentic look when trying the feeling of becoming a real chef. With a restaurant serving cooking gameplay. Players when entering the game will have the opportunity to try their hand at cooking with many challenges. These are orders from different customers requesting dishes of all kinds. Designed by the developer with full flavors featured around the world. Free for players to learn, and see the vast culinary world. Knowing more about the ingredients in each dish satisfies your passion for cooking.

Download Cooking Craze Mod – The Path To The Chance To Become A Real Chef

Cooking Craze is designed to be extremely realistic. The game almost perfectly simulates the process of cooking for a restaurant. Joining players will see themselves as standing in a real kitchen. With full facilities such as a kitchen, specialized tools, and diverse ingredients. Above all, the game is built with challenges to increase the drama. As from the requests of customers when coming to the shop. It requires serving the right dishes and at the same time ensuring that the time is not too long. In general, the faster from the time of calling to the time of delivery, the better. Not only that, the real challenge that the game brings is to serve many people at the same time. Even a customer can order several dishes. Very high requirements for players. Extremely fast operation is required if you want to give your customers the best experience. As well as challenging myself more

Cooking Craze Mod

Make Cooking

To cook a dish is not easy, it is necessary to have a combination of many ingredients together. Even Cooking Craze Mod is a simulation game that cannot ignore this process. When entering the game, the player will become the only chef for the restaurant. Therefore, every request from the customer needs to be created by the player. Of course, the game is not simple, just choose the dish and the rest will be completed by itself. Which requires the player’s manipulation, and must manually see the recipe of the requested dish. Then see what ingredients are needed, then pull them up on the stove. Slowly over time, add the other ingredients in the correct order. Cooking must ensure time, completion is similar to the requirements that customers can offer. The most important thing is still speeding, players have to perform with many dishes at the same time.

Download Cooking Craze Mod

Shopping for Kitchen Upgrades

To ensure that the food is cooked well and quickly for the customers. It is impossible to ignore the upgrade of the kitchen. It’s a must-have priority, good skills are not enough. Cooking Craze has a whole store with many spoiled items for shopping for tools. Plates and cups are the basics for storing food. There are also pots and pans suitable for different dishes. And most importantly, the feature of expanding the kitchen, and unlocking more will ensure cooking. Multiple dishes can be cooked at the same time. Serving many customers at the same time in the shortest time. Let each person who comes have a wonderful experience of food and service.

Game Cooking Craze Mod

Rich Food

Cooking Craze Mod in addition to creating cooking challenges for players to try. The game also allows cooking enthusiasts to have access to more dishes. Know the ingredients needed and the basic process to create that dish. Therefore, the food in the game is extremely rich. Added with signature dishes that taste for each location in the world. Or famous dishes that almost every country has such as fast food, sandwiches, etc. Even drinks are added to the inventory requested from customers. And not only that, the game is always updated with more food with the desire to satisfy players.

Thai Cooking Craze Mod

Cooking Craze is a modded version with unlimited money features. A very useful feature for nearly every game. Players can own themselves a huge amount of money that never runs out. Can be used to unlock more stoves for cooking. Or go to the store to see what tools you need to buy. Buy the best items guaranteed for cooking. Serving food according to customers’ requests is the best. Players will no longer need to work hard to perform tasks to earn money.

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