Endless Colonies Mod 3.43.00 (Unlimited Galaxy Gems)

By MinhDuc - New update 03/02/2024
Endless Colonies Mod 3.43.00 (Unlimited Galaxy Gems)
Name Endless Colonies: Idle Tycoon
Version v3.43.00
Size 103MB
MOD Features Unlimited Galaxy Gems
Support Android 4.4
Category Adventure
Price Free
Developers Giant Avocado TAS


Endless Colonies Mod is an entertaining game with interesting elements that are worth your experience. You will become an astronaut flying into vast outer space to find a way to survive on planet earth. With the state of nature caused by man-made destruction in the place where we were born, the earth. The atmosphere is no longer suitable for humans to live and develop. You will become an astronaut to find and build another new planet. Includes a lot of tasks that you need to do excellently. To be able to create a place similar to the human earth will be an arduous process. Along with the journey to explore other planets in the universe, it will be a very interesting adventure for you to experience.

Download Endless Colonies Mod – A Journey To Build A New Planet

Endless Colonies Mod is a simulation adventure game with extremely attractive gameplay. You will explore a lot of different planets, and get the most resources possible. Bring back and nurture your new developing planet. Each trip will be a new experience for the player. You will get different types of resources in each of these new lands. Then it will be the process of you going back, building, and developing your own industry. Start with the smallest things like growing plants and animals. To be able to get enough food to feed a certain number of people.

Download Endless Colonies Mod

The Journey Begins

Endless Colonies Mod is a game that you can join completely free on the mobile game store. Released on both Android and IOS operating systems, you will not have to spend any money. Start your new planet-building journey with your first adventures on another planet. You will receive certain instructions to be able to understand how to play. How do you gather resources on a mineral-rich planet? Then that’s how you build the first factories on the newly developed planet. Then there is scaling to become bigger, more complete like a cloned earth.

Ear Endless Colonies Mod

Interesting Features

Endless Colonies Mod has very interesting features that make you fall in love and join the game every day. The game has a fairly diverse construction and development system for you to explore. The animals or plants will come in many different forms, each of which will bring its own benefits. You will need to upgrade them to become more productive. These jobs will take a lot of work, hire other workers to do this for you. You need time to do other bigger things. Unexplored planets are still waiting for you to come.

Endless Colonies Mod

Game Graphics

Endless Colonies Mod uses 2D graphics with extremely beautiful scenery. You will feel like you are lost in a real universe with fanciful elements created by the developer. The effects are done very carefully and meticulously. The visual system is highlighted with the main items that you need to pay attention to. The details in the game are also done quite well when it is possible to clearly simulate every detail of the elements. Interwoven with the gloomy, mysterious background will be beautiful frames. Representing the bright colors of life, the beautiful life we ​​once lived.

Game Endless Colonies Mod

You will get extremely useful features when you join the Endless Colonies Mod game version. Owning an unlimited amount of resources to be able to shop and upgrade everything. There will be no need to try to collect and save the number of resources you earn. When your wealth has now become limitless. Your job now will just be to upgrade everything to a maximum level. This will help you speed up the process of building a new planet. Saves you a lot of time while waiting. You will play the game in a much more relaxed and easy way. A special feature that regular players will not be able to get.

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