Download Sweet Crunch Mod APK 2.1.5 (Unlimited Money) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 05/11/2023
Sweet Crunch Mod APK 2.1.5 (Unlimited Money)
Name Sweet Crunch - Match 3 Games
Version v2.1.5
Size 89MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.4
Category Puzzle
Price Free
Developers Infinigames


Sweet Crunch Mod is an entertaining game with extremely interesting match 3 puzzle gameplay that you will not be able to miss. A game made like the 2nd version of the legendary candy crush saga that almost everyone has played through. Famous for its extremely useful stress-relieving hands-free entertainment. If you need a tool to relax every day without investing too much time, this will definitely be a reasonable choice. With an extremely diverse game screen system, there are thousands of levels with different difficulty levels from easy to difficult. You can play for a very long time and it is difficult to destroy them all.

Download Sweet Crunch Mod – Journey to Conquer Sweet Candy

Sweet Crunch Mod is an entertaining game that you can join for free. The game is released on both Android and iOS operating systems, making it very accessible to users. The match 3 puzzle genre has never been hot. This is a version with similar gameplay, you will not have many strange when starting out. Sweet candies with many different colors are mixed in a frame. You can swap the positions of 2 tiles next to each other to create a vertical or horizontal row of at least 3 balls of the same color. Focus on eating the goals that the mission at that level requires so that you can win.

Download Sweet Crunch Mod

Opening Game Title

Sweet Crunch Mod is a genre that is no longer strange to all of us. You can start playing the game right away with the opening levels even without a tutorial. These tutorials are created solely for the player to understand the distinct features of the game. The opening gates always have an extremely easy parking level for you to pass quickly. The difficulty will increase gradually as you pass certain levels. Do not let yourself be too overwhelmed by the difficulty of the real levels. You will have a certain amount of turns in a level. The challenges that are leveled up become a lot more difficult. You will have to work very hard to overcome the seemingly impossible requirements of the game.

Game Sweet Crunch Mod

Interesting Features

Sweet Crunch Mod has support tools with different effects to help you overcome difficult levels. To balance with the difficult levels later in the game. The developer has created tools with different uses for you to use. Create explosions that shock an area or selectively destroy only those of the same color. Or a lot of other tools that will help you have a better chance to overcome the difficult level. But they will be limited in quantity and you will need to save them. Need to be saved until the levels are really difficult, and can not be used in a wasteful way.

Tai Sweet Crunch Mod

Game Graphics

Sweet Crunch Mod is a match 3 puzzle game with beautiful 2D graphics. 3D would definitely be a no-brainer for this genre of game. The game will give you an interesting visual experience. When everything here is done in a very cute and eye-catching way. Sweet candies are made in a lot of different colors. The effect when you eat those candies also creates extremely stimulating animations for players. The guides in the game are shaped like in cartoons. All will give you an entertainment experience to relieve stress and energize you to continue working every day.

Sweet Crunch Mod

You will get extremely useful features when you join the Sweet Crunch game version. With the unlimited money feature, you will spend as much as you like without having to hesitate. You can buy all support tools up to a maximum level. To be able to use it to your heart’s content, there’s no need to save it for any gate. Whenever you feel there are not many nice choices. Use what you buy to win easier and faster. This feature will only be available on this special version of the game, the regular version will not be available.

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